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Bring convenience and comfort to pet owners for an incredible income opportunity by joining Uppapet’s team of amazing dealers.

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About delivering top-quality pet strollers and excellent services to diverse markets?

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technical skills to attract and retain a thriving customer base?

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The resolve to grow your business focused on distributing pet strollers?

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We invite you to join our dealer network! Utilize our extensive experience and certifications to supply exceptional pet strollers globally. With our comprehensive marketing support, your business growth opportunities are boundless. Embrace the chance to elevate your business with Uppapets today!

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What Uppapets Brings to Our Partner Dealers

Consistent, reliable product supply

Steady product supply, ensuring seamless dealership experiences.

Over a Decade of Expertise

Expertise in pet products since 2014, underpinning every partnership.

Personal attention to customer service

Dedicated personal attention to each dealer’s customer service needs.

Distinctive high-quality products

Our product lineup offers distinctive, high-quality pet carriers and various accessories.

Dropshipping Service Supported

Comprehensive dropshipping service to streamline your sales process.

Comprehensive, multi-media marketing

Innovative, multi-media marketing strategies to enhance product visibility.

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      *We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.