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Mission, Vision & Core Values

Bring joy to the lives of pets, people and the planet
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Fostering Lifetime Bonds with Pets

Uppapets is driven by a mission to strengthen the lifetime connection between pets and their owners. Our range of products is designed to enable pet owners and their furry companions to embark on adventures together without limitations, only possibilities.

Uppapets has been at the forefront of creating these opportunities for more than a decade, allowing pets and their owners to explore, bond, and experience the world together in ways never before possible.

Pioneering Pet Travel and Beyond

Our vision at Uppapets is to be an industry leader in pet travel innovation. We aim to continually enhance the environment for pets, ensuring their comfort and safety in every journey.

Our commitment to continuous growth and inventive development drives us to expand our product range into new regions and markets, setting new pet mobility and care standards.

Core Values


Leading the way in pet mobility with advanced, cutting-edge, and creative solutions.


Unmatched expertise and craftsmanship infused in every product for superior quality


Deep commitment to sustainability and ethics in every aspect of our pet products


Deeply empathetic and thoughtful design focused on maximizing pet comfort and happiness

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We Create Bonds Built to Last