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Detachable Pet Stroller-Aroa 130

Taking furry pets on an adventure has never been convenient with Uppapets detachable pet strollers. It features a removable basket if pet owners need to move pet onto vehicle or put the troller in storage. Crafted with a durable aluminum frame and high-quality Oxford cloth, our detachable pet strollers offer stable and stylish transportation. Perfect either for large cats or small dogs, Uppapets strollers blend functionality with elegance, ensuring pet’s every journey is delightful.

Available Colors​

aroa130 grey
aroa130 black
aroa130 pink

All-in-One Solution

Fexibility to Push, Carry or Transport Pet in Vehicle

The main advantage of Uppapets’ detachable pet stroller lies in its flexibility. When detached, the cabin can be used as a shoulder or hand carrier, and a pet car seat.

aroa130 stroller
aroa130 carrier
aroa130 car seat
Car Seat

Smooth Ride, Every Time

Uppapets strollers feature EVA wheels, renowned for their superior abrasion resistance and shock absorption. These wheels ensure a smoother, more stable journey for pets, effectively minimizing bumps and vibrations from uneven surfaces. This reduces stress for pets and owners, making every outing more enjoyable.

aroa130 eva wheels
aroa130 aluminium frame

Built to Last, Easy to Move

Uppapets’ pet strollers boast a solid aluminum frame characterized by high toughness and a durable baking paint process. This robust construction ensures sturdiness and longevity, providing pet owners with a reliable and long-lasting solution for pet transportation. The aluminum frame’s strength guarantees pet’s stability and safety, while the quality finish resists wear and tear.

Reliable Braking System, Safety in Every Step

Safety is a top priority at Uppapets, and that is why our detachable pet strollers feature rear wheel brakes and convenient foot brakes, ensuring a secure stop with every use. This system is crucial for maintaining control and safety, particularly in crowded or unpredictable environments.

This braking system offers peace of mind for pet owners, knowing they have reliable control over their pet’s mobility. It ensures that pets and their owners enjoy a stress-free, safe, and comfortable outing.

shock absorption system

Comfortable to the Touch, Durable While on the Road

Uppapets’ pet strollers are crafted with baby-grade, mixed-color yarn Oxford fabric, renowned for its exceptional quality. This fabric is waterproof, moisture-wicking, and boasts a soft and elastic texture, ensuring maximum comfort for pets. The durability of this fabric is matched by its practicality. The base of the stroller carriage is lined with a thick, machine-washable pad, providing a cozy and clean space for the pet.

Choosing a Uppapets stroller means opting for a product that combines comfort and durability, safeguarding pet’s well-being while providing a long-lasting, reliable solution for pet owners.

Comfortable to the Touch

Easy to Transport, Easy to Store

The detachable carrier of Uppapets strollers epitomizes convenience and ease of use. Designed for effortless installation, it features a user-friendly one-step fold mechanism. This innovative design allows quick and easy storage, making it perfect for on-the-go pet owners.

Whether transitioning from a walk in the park to a car ride or simply storing the carrier at home, this feature simplifies the process, saving time and effort. The detachable carrier blends practicality with functionality, reflecting Uppapets’ dedication to enhancing the pet travel experience.

Easy to Transport

Taking Care of the Smallest Details

Discover the multifaceted excellence of Uppapets’ Detachable Pet Stroller. Each feature is meticulously crafted for the pet’s safety, comfort, and enjoyment. From protective canopies to convenient storage solutions, this stroller is designed to enhance every aspect of a pet’s travel experience, blending functionality with luxury.

Protective Canopy, Shielding with Comfort

Feature a thoughtfully designed canopy that safeguards pets from the elements.

Leash Tether, Safety First

Inside the cabin of our detachable pet carriers, a leash tether is strategically placed to prevent accidental escapes.

Ample Storage Basket, Convenience on the Go

Beneath the carrier lies a large storage basket, offering ample space for all the essentials.

Secure Viewing, Safe and Enjoyable

To keep pets secure, two buckle straps hold the top canopy in place.

Uppapets, Crafting Pet Companionship with Quality

In today’s world, pets are companions, emotional supports, and integral family members. Recognizing this profound bond, Uppapets was born. With over two decades of mother and baby industry expertise, our brand infuses this rich experience into every pet product we create. Our inaugural offering, the pet stroller, draws inspiration from baby stroller designs, embodying a fusion of fashion, functionality, and exquisite craftsmanship.

At Uppapets, we understand that caring for pets is a refined lifestyle choice, and our products are designed to honor that choice. Our pet strollers are not just tools for transportation; they are a statement of love and care, reflecting the special place pets hold in our lives.

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