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Large Pet Stroller-X-go

Uppapets’ Large Pet Strollers, designed for pet owner’s ‘giant baby’. Each model is tailored for different needs, accommodating up to 30 kilograms of pets. Featuring low-lying frames for easy access and robust construction, these strollers are perfect for large dogs or simply for those who love grand outings. With Uppapets, every walk becomes a statement of style and comfort for an owner’s large pet.

Available Colors​

x go apricot beige
Apricot Beige
x go army green
Army Green
x go spacious comfort

Spacious Comfort, Expansive Pet Carriage

Uppapets’ Large Pet Stroller redefines spaciousness. The cockpit is ingeniously upgraded to carry up to four small-breed pets or one large pet, supporting a weight of up to 30 kg. This design ensures pets can travel comfortably without feeling cramped.

The generous space allows pets to move freely, making every journey a relaxed and unrestricted experience. This stroller is ideal for pet owners wishing to provide their furry friends ample room to lounge and observe their surroundings.

Durable Fabric, Weather-Proof and Pet-Friendly

The yarn fabric of Uppapets’ Large Pet Stroller is a perfect blend of functionality and comfort. Made from high-quality waterproof and moisture-wicking material, it offers a soft, elastic touch, ensuring the pet’s comfort. The fabric’s enhanced waterproof properties and strong resistance to sunlight ensure lasting durability.

Additionally, the scratch-resistant nature of the fabric extends the stroller’s lifespan. The exterior fabric provides light protection from the elements, shielding the sun and preventing rain from entering.

x go durable gabric

Versatile Design, Multiple Uses

Our Large Pet Stroller is designed with versatility in mind. The detachable cabin transforms effortlessly, serving as a shoulder or hand carrier and a convenient pet car seat. This multifunctional design allows for pushing, carrying, or transporting pets in a vehicle.

From a stroll in the park to a road trip, this wheeled pet carrier adapts to various needs and occasions. The easy-to-fold feature further enhances its practicality, making it an ideal choice for pet owners seeking a single solution for diverse pet travel needs.

stroller x go
carrier x go
car seat x go
Car Seat

Agile Navigation, Full 360-Degree Rotation

Uppapets’ Large Pet Strollers feature a 360-degree swiveling front wheel, offering unmatched control and flexibility. This innovative design allows for effortless maneuverability, making navigating busy streets or serene parks a breeze. The wheels can lock for stability or swivel for agility, adapting to your travel needs.

Soft wheel construction ensures a smooth and gentle ride, providing a comfortable experience for large furry companions. This feature exemplifies our commitment to blending practical functionality with comfort, making every outing with your customer’s pet a joy.

x go agile navigation

PU Wheels, Durability Meets Comfort

The carriage’s wheels of Uppapets’ Large Pet Strollers are crafted from high-quality PU material, a perfect blend of durability and comfort. PU mimics rubber’s softness and grip yet surpasses it in durability, making it ideal for concrete and all-terrain surfaces.

With their matte appearance and soft touch, these wheels are light, durable, smooth, and quiet, enhancing the overall strolling experience. Integrated with spring shocks, they absorb bumps along the way, ensuring a steady and smooth ride for the pet, regardless of the terrain.

x go PU wheels

Effortless Portability, Compact and Convenient

The design of Uppapets’ Large Pet Strollers prioritizes portability and convenience. The stroller is engineered to be compact, folding down in seconds for easy travel and storage. This foldability, combined with a safety lock, means the stroller occupies minimal space when not in use.

Additionally, it is dustproof and waterproof, equipped with an organizer bag for added functionality. These features make the stroller an excellent choice for pet owners who value ease of storage and transport, ensuring their pet’s comfort is always within reach, regardless of destination.

x go effortless portability

Taking Care of the Smallest Details

Discover the multifaceted excellence of Uppapets’ Detachable Pet Stroller. Each feature is meticulously crafted for the pet’s safety, comfort, and enjoyment. From protective canopies to convenient storage solutions, this stroller is designed to enhance every aspect of a pet’s travel experience, blending functionality with luxury.

Breathable Fabric, Mesh Windows for Airy Comfort

Uppapets' Large Pet Strollers feature multiple mesh windows, ensuring a breathable environment for the pets.

Safety Tether, Secure and Escape-Proof

A leash tether is smartly placed inside the cabin to prevent accidental escapes.

Spacious Storage, Room for Everything

The strollers have a large storage basket underneath, providing plenty of space to store all the essentials.

Safety Wrist Strap, Secure Walking

No Runaways anymore. The strap helps provide peace of mind while walking dog.

Match with Sunshade, Comfort in All Weathers

Shade from the sun and rain, more intimate interaction with your beloved pet

Tough Aluminum Frame, Durable and Long-lasting

The aluminum frame of Uppapets' Large Pet Strollers is built for toughness and durability.

Uppapets, Crafting Pet Companionship with Quality

In today’s world, pets are companions, emotional supports, and integral family members. Recognizing this profound bond, Uppapets was born. With over two decades of mother and baby industry expertise, our brand infuses this rich experience into every pet product we create. Our inaugural offering, the pet stroller, draws inspiration from baby stroller designs, embodying a fusion of fashion, functionality, and exquisite craftsmanship.

At Uppapets, we understand that caring for pets is a refined lifestyle choice, and our products are designed to honor that choice. Our pet strollers are not just tools for transportation; they are a statement of love and care, reflecting the special place pets hold in our lives.

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