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Product Design

R&D experts leading the charge in developing innovative pet strollers and accessories

Innovating Happiness,
Uppapets' Commitment to Joyful Pets

Uppapets is not just a brand. It’s a promise of joy and satisfaction for pets and their owners. Our vision is for Uppapets to be synonymous with the happiness of pets. This commitment drives us to create products that are not only useful but also innovative, enhancing the lives of pets and their owners alike. For over a decade, we have dedicated ourselves to this mission, constantly pushing the boundaries of pet care and mobility.

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Make it Safer for Pets to Come along for the Ride.
That's What We Work Every Day.

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Blueprints of Innovation,
Uppapets' Research Process

Uppapets takes a meticulous approach to product development, beginning with in-depth research. Our process involves summarizing customer needs, creating initial sketches based on customer and designer concepts, and engaging in intensive discussions.

rapid design realization

Rapid Design Realization,
From Concept to Sketch

At Uppapets, we pride ourselves on our ability to quickly turn ideas into tangible designs.

By setting shape, size, proportion, and function, models will be made from sketches in a simple and fast way in early design appearance development .

3D precision

3D Precision,
Crafting with Cutting-Edge Technology

Utilizing professional 3D modeling software, Uppapets brings product designs to life with precision and clarity. Post-design verification, we embark on 3D modeling, allowing us to meticulously define the CMF (Color, Material & Finishing) of the product.

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Precision Partnership,
Ensuring 3D Model Accuracy

Uppapets collaborates closely with clients to refine 3D models and sketches, ensuring each design’s feasibility in terms of organization and manufacturing. This careful verification process guarantees that the final product aligns perfectly with the initial vision.



See how we produce our drafts and compare to the product lineup we have, gain inspirations.

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product 02 draft 02
product 03 draft 03
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Uppapet's Edge

Global Insights, Learning from Exhibits Abroad

Uppapets stays ahead by actively participating in international exhibits, gaining valuable insights into the latest industry trends and innovations.

Expertise Enhancement, Ongoing Personnel Development

We prioritize the continuous improvement of our team through regular education and training, enhancing their professional knowledge, skills, and customer engagement.

Collaborative Evolution, Regular Improvement Meetings

Regular meetings drive the continuous enhancement of Uppapets' products, including pet strollers, underlining our commitment to research, development, and innovation.

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We Create Bonds Built to Last